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UnionPay offers discounts to outbound tourists

Cardholders will also receive discounts of up to 10 percent at 10 resort islands, such as Phuket, Bali and the Maldives

    Li predicts economic expansion to continue

    macroeconomic policies will be consistent and stable, although fine-tuning is possible at appropriate times to make room to carry out reforms



      The Bonfire of the Subsidies

      An agreement to eliminate financial support for exploration would be a significant step in the right direction – and it would save taxpayers money

      Who should own China’s land and who should farm it

      China now has 160 cities with a population of at least one million.

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      Interview: Ann Hui

      The Golden Era’s script is based on the writer’s own thinly disguised autobiographical novels, what others have written about her and her friends’ accounts


      Four for fall: Autumn activities in Beijing

      It's time to pack away that pair of shorts and pull out scarves and pants: Beijing’s most beautiful season is upon us

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      China Restarts Telecom Industry Reform

      The so-called "network service separation" is actually still dominated by the three operators, and the role of the three operators as both player and referee has not been fundamentally changed.

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      Issue 395

      Print: 2014-06-02


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      New Financing Channels for Urbanization

      The end goal of the development of the municipal bond market and promotion of the PPP model is to build a long-term funding supply mechanism for urbanization.

      Private Hospitals to Get More Pricing Power

      The government’s monopoly of medical resources, which it has achieved through favorable policies to public hospitals, is the fundamental problem facing medical reform.

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