Jack Ma richest man in China

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, has become the richest man in China with a fortune of 150 billion yuan ($24.4 billion)

    Alibaba boosts IPO as demand strengthens

    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd reflects strong demand from investors for the year's most anticipated debut and potentially the world's largest-ever IPO


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      Chinese cities revamp mortgage rules

      Those who have paid off their mortgage can be classified as first-time homebuyers and can enjoy a mortgage rate as low as 70 percent of the central bank's benchmark rate

      [Business & Indsutry]

      Alibaba 'vital' but not the only platform

      Do not rely too much on platforms run by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd as the sole "face" of their business in the region.



      Did Hamas Win?

      It is time for all of the relevant actors in the conflict between Israel and Palestine to address this challenge, and to take concrete, productive, and creative action to bring peace to Gaza at last

      Who should own China’s land and who should farm it

      China now has 160 cities with a population of at least one million.

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      A look back at the lives of China's 'comfort women'

      The wartime enslavement of ‘comfort women’ remains one of the least recognised war crimes in human history and understanding what happened to these women has become an international controversy


      Interview: Ai Weiwei

      In an exclusive interview with Time Out, he speaks to the Beijing press for the first time in years about his art, how he doesn’t consider himself that important, and why he still has hope for the future

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      China Restarts Telecom Industry Reform

      The so-called "network service separation" is actually still dominated by the three operators, and the role of the three operators as both player and referee has not been fundamentally changed.

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      Issue 395

      Print: 2014-06-02


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      New Financing Channels for Urbanization

      The end goal of the development of the municipal bond market and promotion of the PPP model is to build a long-term funding supply mechanism for urbanization.

      Private Hospitals to Get More Pricing Power

      The government’s monopoly of medical resources, which it has achieved through favorable policies to public hospitals, is the fundamental problem facing medical reform.

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