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China to Invest More in the Power Grid

01-06 16:50 Caijing Magazine

China will focus on beefing up the power grid and developing clean energy.

By staff reporter Li Qiyan

From Caijing Online


China invested 576.3 billion yuan in the power sector in 2008, 1.52 percent more than the previous year, according to a report released recently by the China Electricity Council (CEC).


At the same time, emphasis is growing on power grid construction and clean energy development.


Xue Jing, director of statistics and information at the CEC, said at an earlier conference that China will invest more in the power grid and clean energy, and gradually decrease the proportion of power plants that are coal-fired.


Statistics from the CEC report show that in 2008, China’s investment in nuclear power and wind power increased 72 percent and 88 percent year on year, respectively. At the same time, investment in coal-fired plants declined 22 percent.


In 2008, China added 90 million kilowatts of power generation capacity, including 20.1 million kilowatts of hydropower capacity, 65.75 million kilowatts of coal-fired capacity and 4.66 million kilowatts of wind power capacity, according to the CEC report.


Last year, China approved the construction of 14 nuclear power generation turbines with a total capacity of 15.12 million kilowatts. China added 4.66 million kilowatts of wind power generation capacity.


Xue said, "Due to the imbalance between China’s power supply and demand over the past several years, China has witnessed a much greater investment in power generation than in the power grid. But construction of the power grid will be emphasized more."


According to the CEC report, investment in the power grid accounted for more than 50 percent of the overall investment in China's power sector.


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