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Fire Report Issued by CCTV

02-17 10:58 Caijing

CCTV's investigation of the high-rise fire finds that the damage was limited to the building's surface. But doubts remain.

By staff reporter Ouyang Hongliang

From Caijing Online


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CCTV held a high-level meeting on February 13 to review the findings from its preliminary investigation of the fire that burnt its high-rise tower on February 9.


The TV station’s report found that the fire was limited to the insulation under the titanium alloy, damaging only the surface of the high-rise.


The insulation was made out of a new energy-saving insulation material recommended by state authorities. The substance is highly flammable, and also caused a fire at the Peking University Gymnasium. The report pointed out that state authorities will reassess whether this new material is safe to use.


The report did not mention whether the fire fighters were properly equipped or whether the insulation material met quality standards.


A Chinese architecture expert, however, doubted some details in the report, saying, “It is unbelievable that the equipment inside is unharmed.”


Related supervisory bodies are still investigating the CCTV fire and have yet to publish their results.


The announcement also stated that CCTV will move to the main building of the high-rise complex with the damaged building sometime near the national holiday of October 1.


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