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Voices from NPC members

03-05 17:23 Caijing

Steel,Aviation and Housing

Steel: Xie Qihua, President of Baosteel

» It is a good opportunity for mergers and acquisitions in China's steel industry.

» Steel producers should take this chance to rid themselves of outdated facilities.

» M&A activity should be concentrated in the coastal regions, and companies should be aware of their environmental impact.

» Companies should increase competitiveness through M&As, rather than simply expanding their capacity.


Aviation: Li Jiaxiang, Director of the Civil Aviation Administration

» The aviation industry is turning a profit due to the government’s stimulus policies, but international routes are still a tough market.

» China's civil aviation regulator encourage M&As to enhance the industry's international competitiveness.


Housing: Jiang Weixin, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction

» No middle and long term develoment plan will be issued for property industry.

» The government will maintain price controls for certain properties.

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