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Views from NPC March 10

03-10 13:12 Caijing

Law, export, electric power, qingdao port, nuclear power, tobacco control, culture management reform

Views from NPC━┫


Law: Li Huazhen, Hubei banking regulatory bureau chief

»Creditor regulations should be made and released soon, said NPC representative and Hubei banking regulatory bureau chief Li Huazhen.

»The current commercial banking law does not enforce non-conventional financing.

» Non-conventional financing, often called the “underground money market,” offers more flexible loans.

»The government work report encouraged “leading financing channels in the civil sector to develop healthily.”


Export: Wei Jianguo, former deputy minister of Commerce

»New energy products will become a new growth source for China’s exports, said former deputy minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo.

»Export of electric bikes can top 2 million in 2009, in contrast to regular bikes.

»This is in synch with sustainable environment concept.


Electric Power: Zhai Ruoyu, general manager of Datang Group

» It is the right time for China to push power price reform forward, said Zhai.

» Only reform can solve the distorted relation between electricity generation and coal supply.

» Zhai said that China's top five power companies will face losses during the first two months.


Qingdao Port: Chang Dechuan, Chairman of Qingdao Port Group

» There is no timetable for Qingdao Port’s public listing plans due to current market conditions, said Chang.

» Encouraged by the government's economic stimulus policies, Qingdao Port is switching its business focus to the domestic market.


Nuclear Power: Wang Binghua, Chairman of State Nuclear Power Technology Corp.

» China has set clear strategy and technology guidelines for the independent development of nuclear power, said Wang.

» After the construction of the first batch of AP1000 nuclear power turbines, China will be capable to build nuclear power stations independently.


Tobacco Control: Wang Longde, former deputy director of Ministry of Health

» It is necessary to set laws and regulations against smoking in China, Wang said.

» China has 350 million smokers, the largest population in the world.

» China joined the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – FCTC with World Health Organization in 2003, and promised to meet the convention’s goals by January 2011.


Culture Management Reform: Liu Ping, head of Yinchuan Shaanxi Opera Troupe

» “The weak financial status of [the arts in northwest China] puts culture management reform at a disadvantage,” Liu said.

» The current reform to cut expenses, working units, and staff in all sectors of the art world in China may harm the already lagging development of the arts in northwest China.

» Northwest China requires different culture management reform from the rest of the nation.


Farmland Reform: Li Dongyu, committee member of CPPCC

» Li said that the government should:

1、Limit farmland expropriation

2、Strengthen farmland expropriation planning

3、Perfect related laws and regulations according to farmland management principles set by the central government

4、Improve supplementary measures to assist the execution of the farmland expropriation

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