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Private Equity Investors Aim to List Mainland Firms in Taiwan

06-08 14:15 Caijing

Full article in Chinese: http://www.caijing.com.cn/2009-06-05/110178798.html

» Private equity investors are seeking to list some companies they have invested in on Taiwan's stock exchange in a bid to achieve better valuations and take advantage of higher liquidity.
» The Taiwan market is more open to high-tech firms, and companies are valued relatively highly, Chen Youzhong, General Manager of Acer Technology Ventures Asia Pacific Ltd., told Caijing.
» Acer Ventures plans to list three of its firms, a silicon chip maker, a sports equipment maker and a provider of value-added mobile phone services on the Taiwan market this year, Chen said. 
» All the companies are based on the mainland but receive investment from Taiwan companies, he said, adding that the liquidity of the Taiwan market is higher than Hong Kong's Growth Enterprises Market.
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