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1、Assignment Editor:

  1. 跟踪经济/金融/产业/公司领域的新闻事件并加以判断,协调编辑翻译重要题材新闻
  2. 编写原稿为中文新闻的英文新闻、分析及深度报道
  3. 编写基于公司公告、政府公告、以及研究报告的英文新闻和分析
  4. 对英文稿件进行审读,并发现和解决问题
  1. 中文为母语,或达到母语水平
  2. 具有很强的英文写作能力,口语流利
  3. 有丰富的财经知识,对中国经济、金融、产业有较深入的了解。
  4. 能在时间压力下工作。
  5. 四年以上英文报纸、通讯社工作经验。


  2. 将中文稿件改写并翻译成英文。

  1. 英语专业学士或以上学历;
  2. 精于英文写作,英文翻译准确流畅;
  3. 对经济、金融及公司相关知识均有一定了解,并对某一特定财经领域具有丰富知识;
  5. 能接受阶段性的夜班工作;
  6. 一年以上财经新闻翻译或编辑经验,有国际通讯社工作经历者优先。


Editors For Start-up Investment News Service in Beijing, China Caijing Magazine (
http://english.caijing.com.cn/) seeks native English-speaking financial editors for a newswire that will serve institutional investors. These are full-time, on-site staff positions in Beijing, China.
About us: While other countries' media industries are contracting and other media companies are firing, China and Caijing are growing. Caijing's newest project is a start-up with a target launch date of early 2010. Our service will have a sharp financial focus, so we want people who are capable of seeing the investment angle in a story.
About you: We are looking for editors with at least three years of experience in daily newspapers, websites or, preferably, newswires. They must have a firm grounding in business, finance and economics.

These editors will mainly work with junior-level Chinese staff who have a business background but use English as a second language, so editors will need the skill, insight and patience to help writers express complicated concepts.
These are not reporting or writing jobs, but they require substantial rewriting at times. And since we will cover breaking news, editors must work quickly and accurately and think on their feet.
Applicants will be asked to take a timed editing test.
We especially welcome applications from people who have previously worked or studied in China or elsewhere in Asia.
We offer contracts with compensation packages comparable to those in many Western cities, with lower taxes and living costs. Our packages include an annual bonus, housing subsidy, allowance for private individual medical insurance and airfare allowance. We also offer relocation assistance.
Please note: These are on-site jobs, not freelance or telecommuting work. These are editing positions, with little or no reporting involved, and they involve shift work with night differential and taxi fares home. Foreign staff currently on this project are available to speak with applicants who have questions about moving to or living in China. We would like new hires to be on site by late September.
Questions or applications should be sent to:
Suitable candidates will be contacted.  No phone calls, please.

Please contact Caijing Magazine for any inquiries. Reproduction in whole or in part without Caijing's permission is prohibited.
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