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    The Politics of Overseas Investment

    The reaction to the first wave of Chinese outbound investment in 2009 has been decidedly mixed. It is in China's interests to figure out why this is.
  • By staff reporter Zhang Boling   2009-08-17
  • Compiled by Caijing staff  2009-07-02
  • By staff reporters Yan Jiangning and Zhang Yuzhe  2009-06-30
  • By staff reporter Yan Jiangning   2009-06-11
  • By staff reporter Yan Jiangning  2009-03-25
  • By staff reporters Han Wei, Zhao Jianfei, Zhang Boling and Yan Jiangning  2009-03-12
  • By staff reporters Zhang Zheyu and Dong Lingxi  2009-03-09
  • By staff reporters Zhao Jianfei, Chen Zhu, Yan Jiangjing, Zhang Boling, Dong Lingxi and Yang Yue  2009-03-05
  • By staff reporters Han Wei, Yan Jiangning  2009-03-04
  • By Woo C. Lee, managing director, JL Thornton & Co.  2009-03-02
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    On February 18, Chinalco announced that Xiao has stepped down after he was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, China's cabinet....>>
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