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About SINOPECChina Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.) is an integrated energy and chemical company with upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. It is China's largest producer and supplier of oil and petrochemical products, specializing in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, oil refining and distribution, production and sales of chemicals. It ranked 17th in the 2007 Fortune Global 500 and 1st place among China's Top 500 companies.

    The Oil Bubble Lives On
    The cost of oil may peak when developing countries cut subsidies, and bursting the bubble could depend on Fed moves.
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    Sinopec Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of state-owned Sinopec Group.

    Company Name:Sinopec Group

    Description: oil refining and petrochemicals production

    Wholly-owned Subsidiaries:

    Sinopec has nearly eighty subsidiaries involved in the oil industry. They focus either on oilfields, refineries and petrochemicals, oil products sales, or research and development.

    Company Name: Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Company

    Description: oil and gas discovery

    Company Name:Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Company

    Description: petrochemicals production

    Company Name: Sinopec Beijing Oil Products Company

    Description: refined oil supplier

    China COSCO's Percent Interest:100 percent

    Company Name: Sinopec Exploration and Production Research Institute

    Description: research and development

    Company Name: Addax Petroleum Corp.

    Description: oil and gas exploration

    Company Name: Tanganyika Oil Co. Ltd.

    Description: oil and gas exploration

    Major Deals
    • One of Sinopec's largest overseas acquisitions was its takeover of Canadian oil company Tanganyika in December 2008.

      Sinopec announced on June 25th 2009 that it agreed to buy Swiss oil explorer Addax for US$7.24 billion....>>

    Key People
    Su Shulin, President of Sinopec Group since June 2007Su received his Bachelor Degree from Daqing Petroleum Institute in 1983. ...>>
    Wang Tianpu, President of Sinopec Corporation since March 2005 Wang graduated from Qingdao Chemical Institute in 1985 with a degree in organic chemistry. ...>>
    Chen Tonghai, former President of Sinopec CorporationChen joined Sinopec Corp. in 1998 to serve as vice general manager and vice party secretary. ...>>
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