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China's Wuhan Nail House Owner Fights Forced Demolition with Home-Made Cannon

06-07 16:28 Caijing
Yang Youde needs to climb a ladder to get to his "blockhouse." CFP

A farmer in central China, who safeguards his house from forced demolition with home-made cannon, becomes the most powerful nail house owner in China.

Yang Youde is showing the reporter how to use his home-made cannon in the "blockhouse" on top of his house. CFP

Yang Youde, aged 56, has a house and a vegetable patch near Jinyinhu part of Dongxihu District in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, where some developers wanted to start a project in 2009.

However, before the two sides agree on the compensation, the developer hired security guard to tear down his house.

Angered by the forced defoliation, he made a blockhouse on top of his house, and beat back the "attackers" twice using his home-made cannon.

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