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China’s Top Media Publishes Positive Commentary over Settlement of Village Dispute

12-22 00:00 财经网 财经网

A top Chinese official media on Thursday published a positive commentary over the settlement of a land dispute between villagers and officials for months, praising a local government team for “heeding the economic demand of villagers” and “thus grasping the key to solve problems.”

The protests in Wukan, a fishing Village in north China’s Guangdong Province, ended on Wednesday after officials offered concessions over seized farmland and the death of a village leader, whose family suspects he was beaten in custody.

In the commentary titled “What does the ‘Turnaround of Wukan Incident’ Tell Us”, the author—usually a spokesperson for the government—said that the local provincial team has defused “strong emotions” of the villagers and “created a basic condition” for problem-solving and local stability and harmony”, with “the greatest resolution, sincerity and efforts”.

The paper also chided local officials for letting the disputes get out of the hand in the first place.

“The initial error of the local government in the Wukan incident was its failure to heed the reasonable demands of the villagers, which escalated reasoned petitioning into excessive actions,” it said.
The paper also noted that such land problems, which triggered the Wukan incident directly, are not rare across the country. “The problems, when combined with individual benefits and public benefits, short-term benefits and long-term benefits, give a reason with ‘inevitability’ to the ‘occasional’ incidents,” it said.

Villagers in Wukan have halted their demonstrations after more than 10 days of keeping officials out of their village. Barricades around the village, which were used to fend off police, have already been removed, being replaced by a red banner welcoming the provincial team’s entering into the village.

The dispute decelerated on Wednesday after Zhu Mingguo, one of the deputies of Guangdong Governor Wang Yang, promised to heed villagers’ demands and root out corruption in an effort to pacify protestors.

No one would be arrested if there were not any more “illegal actions”, “confrontation with the government” and no villagers being “taken advantage by foreign hostile forces”, the official said.

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