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Bo Xilai: Not to Overrate Wang Lijun

03-09 14:36 Caijing
Bo reiterated overrating Wang is a denial of other people's efforts.

Bo Xilai, party chief of Chongqing said on March 9th that Wang Lijun should not be overrated in the municipality's  crime crack-down campaign.

Crime fighting is the work of the entire minicipal government, not just Wang, but his contributions should not be wiped off completely,  Bo told media at the open day meeting of Chongqing delegation during the nation's annual two sessions.

Overrating Wang is a denial of other people's efforts, Bo reiterated.

Bo said that he was suprised at the Wang's leaving and felt bad about choosing the wrong person.

Wang is currently under investigation by relative government authorities and progress has been made, Bo told media.

Bo also denied HK Cable's article about him leaving office and called that totally nonsence.


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