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12,033 Shells Found in a Truck From Chongqing to Jilin

04-05 16:05 Caijing
A red truck carried 12,033 shells was detained in Hubei; the truck started from Chongqing and headed for Jilin

A red truck carried 12,033 shells was detained in Hubei Province on a sector of the Chongqing-Shanghai Highway on Sunday, a local newspaper in the adjoining province reported.

There were more than 10 tonnes of blast shells and armor piercers contained in 236 boxes in a sealed container in the trunk, when it was checked by civil police on duty in Lichuan, a county-level city in southwestern Hubei province, the report said.

The driver said he was entrusted by a company in Chongqing to deliver the “goods” to north China’s Jilin Province, and he himself had no idea what’s in the container.

The report did not name the company’s name. An investigation into the matter has been underway by the press.

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