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China Auto Rental Launches Nasdaq IPO This Month

04-11 15:15 Caijing
China Auto Rental will launch its IPO on Nasdaq on April 26th with a price range between 10.5-12.5.

China Auto Rental Inc, China's leading car rental company, is going to launch its Initial Public Offering(IPO) on Nasdaq later this month on April 26th.

According to iposcoop, China Auto Rental plans to raise a maximum of 158 million US dollars with a price range of between 10.5 -12.5.

China Auto Rental submitted its IPO application to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) on Jan 19th and expected to get listed on New York Securities Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol of "CARH".

The company changed its place of listing to Nasdaq in its updated F1 file submitted to SEC today and remained the same ticker symbol.

The F1 files also shows the company plans to sell 11 million ADS shares with each at a price of between 10.5 and 12.5.

At the middle of that range, the total market value of China Auto Rental can reach 847million US dollars.

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