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Officials Punished for Five Children's Death in Dumpster in S.China

11-20 18:12 Caijing
five street boys aged from 9-13 were found dead in a dumpster in a street in Bijie, Guizhou.

Several government officials including a district deputy head, as well as two school masters, have been removed from their positions after five street boys aged from 9-13 were found dead in a dumpster in the cold winter in Bijie, a prefecture in southwestern Guizhou Province.

The deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning set off by a fire they made -to keep themselves warm-within the garbage, an official statement issued by Bijie government said, citing police authorities.

Five street boys were found dead in a dumpster(see the picture), which is about 1.6 meters long and 1.3 meters wide. Photo from Internet.

Identities of the victims have already been confirmed, with two pairs of brothers belonging to the so-called group of left-behind children, whose parents are working in big cities for life and their kids are left in the countryside-and four of them dropouts, according to the statement.

Citing a father, the statement said the five boys always hung out on the street, sometimes without hitting home for days. "His teachers have dropped in several times, asking the kid to back to school but were all denied," it said, quoting Tao Zhonglin's father Tao Jinyou who stays in his hometown.

He added that both the parents and teachers had gone out in search of the boys many times after they left home about three weeks ago.

While urging local governments to pay more attention to homeless and left-over children, Chinese web users compared the boys to The Little Match Girl, and flooded Internet communities including the popular Sina Weibo microblogging platform with grieve, as well as angers towards local governments.

According to online sources, the boys were seen making fires using woody waste from nearby construction sites, and looking for food in a vegetable market about 100 meters away from their shelter before the accident occurred.

"We feel very grieved by the deaths of the five boys," local officials said in today's statement, "The accident reveals weaknesses of the city's role in social management, social relief…and others and the government will draw lessons."

China has nearly 58 million left-behind children, official statistics show, many of whom are susceptible to drowning, traffic accidents and other misfortunes due to the lack of family care, the official China Daily said.

A video about rural left-children taken in 2011 in a rural village of South China's Hunan Province is again spreading widely online. In the video, a little girl was asked how would she deal with hunger when she did not eat lunch, the girl said sing the song "Motherland, motherland, we love you."


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