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EU Agrees to Ban Imports of Iranian Oil

01-05 00:00 财经网 财经网

European governments have agreed in principal to ban imports of Iranian oil, the Reuters said on Wednesday, quoting EU diplomats.

The agreement was backed by US.S government. The EU moves were “the kinds of steps that we would like to see not just from our close allies and partners in places like Europe but from countries around the world,” said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

The report also cited a U.S. Treasury official that Tehran’s oil revenues could be choked off without disturbing global oil markets.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will travel to China and Japan next week to discuss U.S. sanctions on Iran and the state of the global economy, the same official was quoted as saying.

EU countries buy about 450,000 barrels of oil from Iran every day of some 2,600,000 barrels in imports, the second-largest importer of Iran crude after China.

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