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State Survey Shows over Half Chinese Officials Feel They are Unfairly Stigmatised

05-28 00:00 财经网 财经网

More than half of low-level officials believe they are unfairly stigmatized, a state survey shows, while over half of respondents surveyed online think the official's performance as a whole is unacceptable, underling growing distrust between officials and citizens.

60.67 percent of 1,800 low-level officials polled by the People's Daily, the ruling party's mouthpiece paper, said their images are "too negative" and their achievements are "undervalued".

Meanwhile, 2,760 of 6,096 netizens surveyed voted that public opinion has "whitewashed" Chinese officials, accounting nearly half of the respondents. A written poll of 3,300 citizens, however, shows that nearly one third of the citizens believe the public think better of the officials than they deserve, compared with 43.67 percent taking the opposite side.

"It is not difficult to find that it is becoming an alerting trend for the low-level officials to be misread and unfarily stigmatized," said the People's Daily when it read into the findings of the survey.

A common complaint from the official is: "why is everybody now wearing tinted spectacles to view us and with prejudice to misread us?", according to the newspaper.

The survey also finds that one third the officials suffer from anxiety disorder, with 71 percent listing "unfair public opinion" as the reason.

An overwhelming majority, at 87 percent, are frustrated about heavy pressure and "hard-to-achieve" targets during their work, according to the survey. Other factors that contribute to their anxiety include low pay and "too many inspections from their supervisors".

As a key force to "maintain a close tie between officials and citizens", and "the footstones" of the party and the nation's "cause", the low-level officials deserve all-round attentions, said the People's Daily.

Analyzing factors that influence the public opinion on officials, the newspaper said three-quarters of citizens are impacted by exposure of corruption by "individual officials". "The result reminds us that we should look upon low-level officials in a rational way."


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