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China Bus Fire Kills 47, Injures 34 in Xiamen

06-08 00:00 财经网 财经网

Update on June 9 Sunday---Local official media said suspect Chen Shuizong, aged 59, was dead in the fire on Friday. The Xinhua agency news described Chen as a loser who was "pessimistic", and lit the fire to "vent his resentment",in a brief news.

An unverified Tecent microblog account under the name "Chen Shuizong" was uncovered by netizens. One of the few posts on it said he was desperate and in urgent need for help, after he lost jobs and he couldn't get his monthly pension due to a mistake made by local authorities. But some doubt the truth of the posts, which were already deleted for unknown reasons.

A fire which may be deliberately lit engulfed a bus in South China's Xiamen at rush hour yesterday, killing 47 and leaving another 34 injured, state media said.

The incident occurred during Friday's evening at about 18.30 local time, the Xinhua news agency said.

Results of on-site investigation showed that the fire was deliberately lit, Xinhua said quoting local police authorities. Traces of gasoline on the wreckage were found, though the bus ran on diesel fuel, and its oil tank and tyres were intact.

"It's a serious criminal case," the ministry of public security, the national policy agency, said in a statement on its website.

An investigation panel of experts from the public security, fire control and police arrived at the scene on 1:00am on Saturday. Investigations of the cause of the fire are still under way.

Xiamen is a city in Fujian province, southeastern China, known as a prosperous trading port. The city immediately suspended service of the entire express bus system, local media said.

Among the injured were four high school graduates who were on the way to taking college entry test, or Gaokao, where 9.12 million students around the country are competing for college entrances. CCTV said Saturday three of them are still in hospital.

Fire cases have captured media's attention recently. At least 120 were dead in a serial explosion at a poultry plant in north east China's Jilin, and a suspicious blaze swept 78 grain depots in north China's Hei Longjiang reportedly caused a loss of over 80 million yuan just ahead of an anti-graft team arrived at the state-owned grain stocking company.



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