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China Welcomes Signs of Changes in Birth Planning Policies

06-26 00:00 财经网 财经网

China’s demographic regulator is bracing for new challenges as it opens an account on Sina Weibo, making a splash on the twitter micro-blogging site, raising people’s expectations of changes in the country’s birth planning strategy.

The first official post of National Health and Family Planning Commission on Weibo on June 18th got over 8,000 reposts and nearly 2,000 replies, mostly calling for removal of China’s birth controls.

The going-on-weibo move came a day after the newly-built commission was tasked with promulgating and implementing the nation’s birth planning policies.

The commission was formed out of the former Ministry of Health and State Population and Family Planning in the nation’s latest government departments overhaul following the new leadership transition in March.

Meanwhile, birth planning has become a hot topic this month in China as people see some welcoming changes in policies including cancellation of birth spacing limits.

Shandong, one of the most populous province in China with a population of over 100million, cancelled restrictions on birth spacing between the first and second child, a move interpreted as a signal of easing the country’s notorious “birth control” strategy.

Canceling birth spacing restrictions is not the same thing with loosing up birth controls, explained analysts, adding it, however, did reflect that the policies are getting more “humane”.

So far, 19 of China’s 31 provinces have lifted restrictions on birth spacing.

The Chinese government’s birth planning strategy explicitly stresses timing while enforces a four-year interval in most provinces where people may be allowed to have a second child under some circumstances.


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