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HK Reports 1st H7N9 Case, Mulls Ban on Poultry Imports from Mainland

12-03 00:00 财经网 财经网

The HK government is mulling whether to impose restrictions on poultry imports from the mainland after the region's first case of H7N9 infection was confirmed Monday.

A 36-year-old Indonesian maid is in the Queen Mary Hospital in critical condition, HK's Health Secretary Ko Wing-man said late Monday.

The maid reportedly made a one-day tour in south China's Shenzhen and had direct contact with chickens last month before symptoms like fever begun showing up.

Ko said employers, parents and children of the maid have been sent to hospital for further examination and an urgent meeting was held Monday evening to discuss coping measures, including whether to ban imports of chicken from the mainland.

Outbreak of H7N9, a new strain of bird flu, killed 45 and sickened 139 people in China earlier this year, prompting a nationwide crackdown on poultry markets. 

Ko said the city's government would step up its flu pandemic preparedness plan as infectious diseases are a particular concern in Hong Kong, where the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or Sars, killed about 299 people. Nearly 500 more deaths were reported in other countries.

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