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China Now the Fourth Largest Source of Global Immigrants: Think Tank

01-22 00:00 财经网 财经网

China has become the fourth largest source of global immigrants, exporting more than 5 million over the last 23 years, as the number of wealthy Chinese in the world's second largest economy grows fast, a Chinese think tank said.

The number of global immigrants totaled 232 million in 2013, up 18 million from three years ago, and accounted for 4.2 percent of the world's population, according to a report by the Center for China & Globalization (CCG), while Chinese immigrants hit 9.34 million at the end of last year, compared with 4.08 million back in 1990.

Meanwhile, China has seen its deficit in the number of immigrants widening to a staggering 8.5 million last year, up from 3.71 million 23 years ago.

The wealthiest Chinese with over 6 million worth of individual investable assets are moving their assets overseas. The report said the group had transferred 2.8 trillion yuan of assets overseas in 2011, accounting for roughly 3 percent of the country's GDP that year. HK, the U.S., and Canada are among their favorite countries or regions, followed by Swiss, Singapore and Australia.

An earlier report released by Hunrun pointed out that 64 percent of China's millionaires have emigrated or plan to emigrate. U.S. is their favorite destination.

Chinese riches scooped up houses worth $12.3 billion in the U.S., with 69 percent of them paying in full cash. China is now the second largest foreign buyer of U.S. properties. 

Seventy percent Chinese respondents said that environment and healthcare concerns are among the most important reasons behind the wave of Chinese emigration.

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