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Sexual development


The sex trade has grown at an exponential rate and China has become one of the world's leading centers for prostitution.

Worried for Expo


I started to worry about the Expo, and hope there will be no big accident related to the huge number of people. The people they handle on April 20 is just 2/5 of the actual expected volumn. What will happen then?

We expect China's trade balance to return to surplus a few months later, and the outlook for the RMB to resume flexibility should not be affected.

China is now easily the world's largest market for fixed-line or mobile phones. However, the journey has taken about 140 years and early development was heavily affected by expansion of foreign business and political interests.

There are many system that archived safety, not by making it more safe, but by making it more vulnerable

Knowing that I was left-handed shed light on some of my odd behavior

China established its National Energy Commission (NEC) recently, indicating that the country is paying more attention to energy security. Will the new commission improve China's energy situation? How should China develop renewable energy resources?

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