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Tapped out


The biggest threat to China's growth is water



The goal of a fengshui consultation is to "help direct the flow of positive energy, or 'qi' (the essence of fengshui) to achieve a harmonious balance for its inhabitants".

Risky Lending


As we saw in 1999 and again today, politically motivated lending is risky.

We believe this CPI surprise, together with the recent resumption in capital inflow and somewhat better than expected real economy data, will reduce the PBOC's aggressiveness in cutting the reserve requirement ratio

Soft Power


I've had to explain myself on several occasions to foreigners who mock my religious daily viewing of CCTV-9 and my willingness to read China Daily in its entirety.

Naked Mother


It is not an ideal way to teach her son but children need to be taught. Sex education is not just about how to have or not have babies.



Extreme patriotism leads to issues such as racism and violence.

not just its dazzling business concepts but what values of these concepts can provide to the customers. It is simple as that.

Female Smokers


Cantonese Cuisine


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