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to ensure that such a slowdown is not viewed as secular trend – a perception that could undermine the consumption and investment that the economy so badly needs

China’s economy may be decelerating, but its prospects remain strong. Its GDP may have reached $10 trillion in 2014. Once it weathers the current rebalancing, it could well be stronger than ever

China’s massive infrastructure investment, funded largely through LGFVs, will most likely be remembered for its critical contribution to the country’s economic modernization

China’s recognition as the world’s largest trading country is not the fetchingly redundant “landmark milestone” that its leaders declared. That charmed point will be reached when Chinese industry raises its position within and influence over value chains

China’s government recognizes the need to pursue more stable, higher-quality GDP growth. At the same time, given slower growth in world markets and the challenges of domestic structural adjustment, the annual growth target has been reduced, to around 7.5%

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