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In Caijing’s year-end edition, the "Not Friends, Not Enemies" article says author Wang Jisi is Dean of the International Relations School at Peking University. It is in fact the School of International Studies at Peking University. And university was misspelt as "univeristy." (p.26) In the same article, Wang said "The Communist Party’s 17th National Congress wrote into the Party Constitution the "scientific outlook on development," which means emphasising more balanced and environment-friendly economic growth and a fairer distribution of resources." Emphasising should be emphasizing. (p.27) A period was forgotten. The sentences should read "…fearing that China may be improving its asymmetric or disruptive warfare techniques. In 2008, incidents may occur…" (p.27) An extra semicolon was added. "U.S. critics charge that China’s export-dependent tax cuts and low interest rate loans are export subsidies and that China has; problems with food and product safety..." The semicolon should be eliminated. (p.27) We apologize for the mistakes.

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