Bank of China hit by new scandal
Bank of China has discovered that several of its managers at a local sub-branch have colluded with a local businessman to cash fraudulently
Land Report Calls for Thorough Reform
A three-year report by the China Land Policy Reform Taskforce has shown that the government’s
The Secrets of Japan
As the Japanese economy shakes off a ten-year stagnation, Caijing interviews Dr. Takenaka Heizo
Finale in Sight for Delong Saga
A spectacular business roller-coaster ride has finally come to an end for Tang Wanxin,
High drug prices: no easy way to cut the Gordian knot
Each year, retired ophthalmologist Dong Xueli sends a long shopping list of medicines
China Worldbest gets an overhaul
Worldbest, one of China’s largest SOEs
Flu outbreaks challenge grassroots epidemic prevention system
Raising poultry once brought fame and wealth to farmers in Liaoning’s Heishan County
Fake vaccines hinder avian flu prevention
By staff reporters Lou Yi, Duan Hongqing, Pan Xiaohong, Ren Bo, Chang Hongxiao, Cheng Zhe, Tian Qilin and interns Dai Wei and Wang Heyan
Opposition Casts Doubt on Bank of China’s Restructuring
Bank of China’s plans to introduce foreign strategic investors have hit a rough patch after two board
Avian Flu: A Second and Deadlier SARS?
But experts warn that the toll of the lethal avian flu, better known as bird flu, may be far more frightening, killing hundreds of mill...
Domestic Demand Crucial to Easing Trade Pressure
China's rapidly growing trade surplus has generated
Exclusive Interview with British Prime Minister Tony Blair
The interview wad conducted in the afternoon of
Lorenzo Olarte Cullen is the former president of the Government of the Canary Islands
The dramatic collapse of Kelon chairman Gu Chujun
It took Gu Chujun, former chairman of
Trial of former banker reveals banking loopholes
He used to be a millionaire banker running private companies with public funds. Now he is standing trial in court
Once-Prosperous Nintaus Plunged Into Crisis
Seven years after its founding, the Nintaus group is suffering from a period of infighting among its founders.
Railway Reforms Raise Doubts
Xie Jiang, retired for many years, is a former employee of the Beijing Railway Sub-bureau
Life After the Peg
The People's Bank of China, China's central bank
Guo Shuqing: On a Mission to Reform China Construction Bank
Appointing Guo Shuqing to take the helm of the scandal-stricken China Construction Bank (CCB)
Exchange Rate Reform and Changing Mindsets
The People's Bank of China on July 21 decided to reform its currency exchange policy
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