Cures for China’s Feverish Stock Market
As housekeepers, migrant workers and even monks join investors flooding China’s markets, regulators and experts who fear a bubble burst are seeking cures for stock fever.
“Rhythm” Turns To Ruin for Insurance Boss
Guan Guoliang expanded Beijing-based New China Life Insurance into a nationwide network in just four years. He also allegedly siphoned billions of yuan into shell companies, forcing government intervention.
Liu Mingkang’s Vision of Rural China’s Financial Reform
How far can rural financial reform go in China? When will China’s homegrown, rural banks survive on their own? Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, provided answers to these and other questions in an exclusive interview with Caijing.
Forging Ahead, Google China Tries to Forget 2006
The world's largest search engine is recruiting talent and battling Chinese rivals, including the country's top site But after a problem-plagued startup, has Google China under chief Lee Kai-Fu turned a corner?
Paulson Reiterates Further Capital Market Openness Crucial to China
By opening up to more competition, developing a capital market based on savvy institutional investors, as well as building a robust bond market, China can gradually move from its current over-reliance on export, and spread wealth more evenly among its population, according to Paulson.
New Management for China's Vast Foreign Reserves
China's powerful central bank is about to lose its solitary grip on the country's vast stockpile of foreign reserves. In a major policy shift, the State Council decided recently to create a new, state-owned corporation to oversee investment of the country's more than US $1.07 trillion in foreign reserves...
Giant Power Group’s Privatization Under Fire
The recent privatization of Luneng Group, a formerly state-owned enterprise based in Shandong Province and one of China’s largest conglomerates
Zhou Xiaochuan Advocates Gradual Financial Reform
China is moving towards a mature, efficient and open financial market, one that will better serve its rapidly growing economy
Loose bank management leads to massive loan fraud
The construction of the Senhao Mansion in Beijing began 13 years ago - yet remains unfinished to this day
China Lobby Curries Favor With U.S. Government
We don't even have the Lenovo logo up yet," said Carlisle, vice president for US
Richard Li defends PCCW sale
“If history could repeat itself, I would have been more careful in balancing the interests of all parties involved,”
Hainan Airlines to form aviation conglomerate
Hainan has Airlines raised a whopping US$ 700 million from a recent share sale
No Way Out for Rural Pension Plan
Yuan Jinyu still remembers the much-touted rural pension scheme 13 years later
Toxic Shots Kill at Least Nine Patients
By staff reporters Duan Hongqing, Fu Tao, Su Dandan and Zhang Yingguang
China Southern Airlines Posts Heavy Losses
China Southern Airlines (CSA) has reported a significant loss of 1.8 billion
China to open capital account gradually
New Central Bank policies announced on April 13th allowing domestic institutional investors to invest overseas
Heist Exposes Court System's Financial Flaws
Authorities in Tianjin have arrested an accountant at the Tianjin Maritime Court and will soon charge
Environmental Mismanagement Killing Baiyangdian Wetlands
On a recent spring afternoon, a local Hebei fisherman stared stone
New Five-Year Plan Outline Signals Shift in China’s Course
The National People’s Congress (NPC) has overwhelmingly approved China’s
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