Rethinking China's Tight Monetary Policy
Facing so many variables -- credit control, price distortion, export pressure, and more -- should policymakers change course?
Cancer's Dark Cloak Spreads Over China
China is paying more attention to cancer prevention and rural spending, but smoking and pollution inflict a heavy toll.
China's Execs Sweating Over Stock Options
After nine years and billions of yuan in cash-ins, China is again reviewing stock options for state-owned company chiefs.
Why Did So Many Sichuan Schools Collapse?
A close look at five schools affected by the Sichuan earthquake helps explain why so many collapsed, and so many died.
Shaken by Tragedy, Frozen in Time
China's deadliest earthquake in decades left behind not only widespread destruction but crucial questions.
A Detour Contributed to Fatal Rail Derailment
A temporary track detour at a construction site factored into the mishap that killed 71 and injured hundreds aboard a Beijing-Qingdao passenger train.
Prison For Tarnished Chinese Copper Trader
Futures trader Liu Qibing cut risky deals with China's copper reserves and lost the bets. The monetary losses are still unknown, but he's going to jail.
China Mobile Soars on Sector's New Shakeup
Past restructurings of China's telecom industry benefited China Mobile, a darling of policymakers. The next overhaul may lift the company even higher.
End of the Line for a Shanghai Scandal
The March 25 trial of Shanghai's former top official, Chen Liangyu, capped two years of investigations, arrests and revelations into official corruption.
China Sets a Course for Sovereign Wealth
No one doubts that China's fledgling sovereign wealth fund is huge and powerful. Now the US$ 200 billion question: Can it be properly managed?
Wiring China for the Next Telecom Era
After stumbling over 3G, China's government and top telecoms are preparing to spend billions to develop a 4G wireless standard. Will the project work?
Three Fragile Gorges
China’s Three Gorges Dam will finally be completed in 2008. The greater challenge lies in how China will establish a long-lasting, comprehensive geological disaster control system that can realistically protect 20 million people living in the fragile Three Gorges area.
Shattered Halo for a Shanghai Magnate
Stock manipulation and powerful connections helped young billionaire Zhang Rongkun rise to the top in Shanghai before a pension scandal quickly brought him down.
New Medicine for China
Experiments with healthcare reform in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces have paved the way for a national overhaul of the medical system that draws a line between market and government responsibilities. But have the experiments ended?
Empower Regulators to Fight Securities Crime
A top regulator suggested empowering investigators with more binding rights, such as subpoenas, and letting CSRC file lawsuits and seek compensation for investors, making financial intermediaries liable for illegal tradings.
Flash Flood Fury and Rising Death Tolls
River floods get more attention, but flash floods triggered by rainstorms in China’s hills and mountains are far more deadly, killing more than 300 so far this year.
China’s Converging Fight Against Corruption
The nation’s top anti-corruption official, Wang Zhenchuan, describes fast-moving legal developments that turned party policy into state law, expanded rules on bribery schemes to include mistresses, and ended the life of a former drug czar.
New Ways Out for China’s PE Funds
Recently barred from the overseas initial public offerings that provided easy investment exits, China’s “homegrown” PE funds are ready to try IPOs on domestic exchanges.
Raving for Private Equity, Chinese Style
Recently barred from the overseas initial public offerings that provided easy investment exits, China’s “homegrown” PE funds are ready to try IPOs on domestic exchanges.
Hong Kong Eyes Link-Up with Mainland Bourses
Hong Kong’s mighty stock exchange faces stiff competition from China’s rising stars in Shanghai and Shenzhen. But Fang Zheng, Hong Kong’s chief securities supervisor, is not worried.
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