Investment: Sovereign Fund with a Reputation at Stake
China Investment Corp. has earned a reputation for investment clout and global reach. But can it build a name for success?
Yangtze Delta: Begins its Tough Transition
As export markets skid, companies and leaders in Shanghai and nearby provinces are being forced to make necessary changes.
Insurers: Seek Balance in Tighening Market
A dangerous mixture of calamity claims, slumping investments and new rules have put insurance companies on edge.
PE: New Year, New Hurdles
China's golden years for private equity funds have passed. But PE is still in the game, and some funds may be poised for profit.
Climage Change: Crucial Decisions in 2009
On top of post-Kyoto emissions targets, a UN conference to be held at the end of the year will decide, or fail to decide, how the global community responds to climate change.
Steel: Undergoing Reshuffle
2008 saw an industry myriad small companies began consolidating into several giants. But the outcome of the reshuffle is still unclear.
Metals: China Debates Strategic Stockpiling
Efforts by provincial and central agencies to build reserves may help China's metals sector. But some call the policy short-sighted.
A Precarious Festival for China's Migrants
Millions of migrant workers, including many recently jobless, spent this year's Spring Festival pondering their uncertain future.
Stripped of Halo, Taiwan's Chen Awaits Fate
Chen Shuibian's reputation for battling corruption is in tatters now that prosecutors say the island's former leader was a thief.
Devil's in Details for China's Stimulus Plan
Local governments are supposed to help pay for a 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package. Where will they get the money?
An Asian View Of The Global Financial Crisis
Free-market fundamentalism has truly been marked-to-market.
Dead End for a Tycoon's Creative Financing
Trapped by financing schemes that he used to build a retail empire, one of the richest men in China is now in police custody.
Obama's China Policy: More of the Same?
Precisely how president-elect Barack Obama will shape U.S. policy toward China remains unclear in many respects.
Citic Pacific Stung by 'Cowboy' Investment
Citic Pacific – and other Chinese firms – bet the wrong way on risky foreign exchange instruments. Was fraud involved?
New Seeds of Hope for Land-Use Reform
The central government is once again turning its attention to rural land reform. China's 800 million farmers are waiting.
Real Estate Market Braces for Cold Winter
China's property market bubbled confidently last year. Now it's a grim scene of slow sales, price cuts and failed land auctions.
Insurers Scramble to Maintain Sufficient Solvency Margins
In an exclusive two-hour interview with Caijing, CIRC’s chairman Wu Dingfu stressed that supervision should be strengthened over insurers’ corporate governance and their solvency management.
Wu Dingfu: The Next Step for China’s Insurance Industry
China’s insurance system needs to be reformed, to guarantee solvency and efficiency of insurance companies.
An Olympic Arrival, Through Foreign Eyes
The Beijing Olympics opening spectacle marked a coming of age for China, and a chance to consider outside perspectives.
Let the Games Begin
After seven years of anticipation and almost as many spent preparing, the Beijing Olympics have begun! Keep up the latest news and behind-the-scoreboard insights at our Olympic coverage site.
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