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A sizzling market for luxury apartments in Shanghai is luring domestic investors seeking a safe haven in uncertain times.

China's property market has bounced back nicely thanks to easy credit and government policy. But it looks like a bubble.

Government regulators used policy initiatives to stimulate this year's stock market rallies. But what's the long-term cost?

Macroeconomic policy can encourage a stable economy as long as policymakers know when the time is ripe for proper adjustments.

A close look at China's first-half lending surge shows how the Big Four banks blazed a credit trail that many others followed.

Real estate investment is rebounding thanks to an improved credit environment and state-owned companies with plenty of cash.

As investing and bank lending skyrocket, lifting China's GDP, debates are raging over Beijing's next monetary policy step.

Thousands of armed police had to disperse crowds in a Hubei Province city after a young man's death stirred grief -- and rage.

A deal for a key stake in Shenzhen Development Bank was a money-maker for the seller and a feather in Ping An's cap.

Three Ping An executives describe the strategic context and consequences of the Shenzhen Development Bank buyout.

Suspicions cloud what some are calling one of China's largest cases of psychogenic illness and others say was toxic gas poisoning.

China's nationwide health response to a new strain of flu has been tough, extensive and built on the lessons of SARS.

The construction phase of the Three Gorges dam and reservoir ends this year. But follow-up tasks -- and project woes -- abound.

Unfinished business after the G-20 summit revolves around the IMF, including U.S. funding and China's membership quota.

What seemed an ideal match-up between juice maker Huiyuan and Coca-Cola failed an antitrust review for more reasons than one.

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