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Incremental Reform, 1979-'93. State and private sectors coexisted.

China has paid a high price for economic transformation since 1949. It's reaping dividends, but the reform process must continue.

The state's sale of a major stake in Legend Holdings, parent of computer giant Lenovo, marks progress toward privatization.

The chairman of investment firm Oceanwide, Legend's new private stakeholder, has no doubts about growing share value.

The head of Legend Holdings, the parent of computer giant Lenovo, predicts better governance under a new share structure.

Executed criminals supply most of the transplanted organs in China, fueling ethics debates and demand for live-donor surgery.

A comprehensive legal system for China's once-chaotic organ transplant system has been slow to develop despite huge demand.

Health officials are building an ethical, transparent organ donation system to balance the needs of donors and patients.

Yet hot money's shadowy nature makes it statistically difficult to document, raising questions about the phenomenon's seriousness.

Consumer prices are falling, giving utilities a golden opportunity to raise rates, spurring controversy as to who should benefit from utility pricing reform.

Real estate investors and developers have been riding a dramatic roller coaster in Shenzhen. Will the latest upswing last?

Record-high land auction bids do not signal a revived market but rather a loose credit policy and anxious government officials.

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