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As a witness of the kickoff of China's financial system reform 31 years ago, the Agricultural Bank of China (AgBank) set a new landmark for this process in a Shanghai-Hong Kong dual listing in June 2010. China is ready to push ahead with a new wave of reforms of the banking sector and even the financial systems, which is deemed to be a more formidable challenge.

Structural Decay


The State Council has approved the result of investigation on the fire of the CCTV annex tower that took place a year ago.After more than a year investigation, Caijing has found that a secret network of interests is deeply involved in this project

Prosecutors claim a private transportation empire was a ‘triad-like’ operation built on bribery and violence. But its wealthy owner says he merely followed ‘norms.’

Speaking with Caijing's editor, U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner explained his support for IMF quotas and the U.S. dollar.

Comprehensive Reforms, 1994 to 2009. As reforms deepened, a battle between pro- and anti-reform factions became increasingly fierce.

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