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A comprehensive legal system for China's once-chaotic organ transplant system has been slow to develop despite huge demand.

Health officials are building an ethical, transparent organ donation system to balance the needs of donors and patients.

Yet hot money's shadowy nature makes it statistically difficult to document, raising questions about the phenomenon's seriousness.

Consumer prices are falling, giving utilities a golden opportunity to raise rates, spurring controversy as to who should benefit from utility pricing reform.

Real estate investors and developers have been riding a dramatic roller coaster in Shenzhen. Will the latest upswing last?

Record-high land auction bids do not signal a revived market but rather a loose credit policy and anxious government officials.

A sizzling market for luxury apartments in Shanghai is luring domestic investors seeking a safe haven in uncertain times.

China's property market has bounced back nicely thanks to easy credit and government policy. But it looks like a bubble.

Government regulators used policy initiatives to stimulate this year's stock market rallies. But what's the long-term cost?

Macroeconomic policy can encourage a stable economy as long as policymakers know when the time is ripe for proper adjustments.

A close look at China's first-half lending surge shows how the Big Four banks blazed a credit trail that many others followed.

Real estate investment is rebounding thanks to an improved credit environment and state-owned companies with plenty of cash.

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