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Liu invested heavily in corrupting officials to build a network involving high-level government officials that even ordinary billionaires had trouble accessing.

Shifts in the financial system have always been a compromise among stakeholders with conflicting interests. Internet finance is beginning to be brought under China's financial system and regulatory framework.

Ethnic tension in the North Caucasus region is still the most serious challenge facing Russia in its efforts to build a unified Russian identity.

The uncertainty brought by NDRC's investigation into Qualcomm will give more opportunities for small businesses and have positive effects on domestic enterprises and national technical standards.

The bribery phenomenon has existed for many years in Hengyang. Other regions and provinces have similar problems, exposing loopholes in rule of law and the electoral system of people's congresses.

A practical approach for traditional banks to compete with Internet banking is to win back clients by delivering satisfactory and consistent user experiences throughout their massive networks.

For the Sino Iron Project, the ability to achieve profitability as soon as possible will depend largely on future iron ore prices and the successful commissioning of subsequent production lines.

The story of Zhang Xinming, chairman of Shanxi Gold Coking, reveals how business rules are distorted when the rule of law and social order are left unprotected.

Alibaba Group and Tencent started off differently and both companies are still in their infancy; however, they are highly likely to end up at the same destination.

The key of insurance reform is to build a market-oriented industry and more appropriately position insurance regulators in order to promote the renewed prosperity of the industry.

Among all the reforms in the financial sector, interest rate reform is regarded by banking industry insiders as a key reform that relates to overall financial stability.

If the modern transformation of villages' governance structure is not implemented in economically developed villages, the more developed these areas become, the more troubles they will face.

"Comprehensively deepening reform," the path identified in the session, marks a critical departure from the unitary reform and constitutes a continuation of the spirit of reform that dates back to the 1980s.

Competition and cooperation between dotcom companies and financial institutions will help upgrade the financial industry and ultimately benefit individual investors.

For Jack Ma, realizing a qualified IPO according to its agreement with Yahoo is not a difficult task; the difficulty is how to successfully list while ensuring control of the company.

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