Slow FX Inflows by Separating Gas and Fire
As foreign reserves soar and the dollar's value plunges, China should rethink yuan revaluation, capital controls and loosening its ties to U.S. policy.
Ensuring Stability during Surging Inflation
Inflation can't be stopped. Taking the right steps to get past it is our challenge.
The worst sell-off in the MSCI China space may be over
The virtues and vices of the Chinese economy illuminated for market watchers.
The End of the Dollar Crisis
A reassuring look into reasons to expect a continued stable dollar.
Beyond Bear Stearns
Bear Stearns may be just the first string in a large unraveling of events.
China: A balanced NPC government work report as we expected
We believe the content of the PM’s keynote speech is much more benign for growth than the market has been worried about.
On Free Trade and National Security
If possible, the current superpower should embrace its possible successor. It should bind it as closely as possible with ties of blood, commerce, and culture--so that should the emerging superpower come to its full strength, it will to as great an extent possible share the world view of and regard itself as part of the same civilization as its predecessor.
Sustaining China’s Growth: the 3rd 10,000 Days
China will need a whole new direction in economic governance including new and innovative institutions that provide an efficient regulatory framework and take on a pro-competitive mission.
Tax Burdens
Owners of capital continue to send in the checks to pay a capital tax, but the negative response of investments to a capital tax shifts the burden of a capital tax to labor, not capital.
Taming Inflation
It is not too late to achieve a soft landing. If inflation is left to fester in 2008, a burst may become inevitable in 2009.
Get Ready for a Tough First Half
A quick look at the current economic trends in the U.S. and China suggests that there's more pain to come.
Accessing and trading China’s slowdown risk
We do not believe the market turmoil to affect China’s real economy much, and expect the policy makers to shift focus more on sustaining stable growth.
Echoes from the Storms
A crisis can turn into an opportunity. China’s goal should be to eliminate the difference between migrants and locals.
Stop Intrusive Advertising
Intrusive advertising has become ubiquitous, not just within residential areas. Noise and light pollution are everywhere, severely cutting the quality of life.
The Subprime Housing Crisis
the Fed, Treasury, and Congress should concentrate on using monetary and possibly tax policies to help maintain the strength of the American economy that has so far done well despite the housing crisis.
Saving Wall Street
The Soverieng Wealth Funds in emerging economies can be the vulture investors in the US credit crisis.
Soft Landing in 2008
Hard landing risk exists during the current tightening. But China has enough momentum and insurance policies to minimize this risk. The chances are that China could achieve a soft landing in 2008.
Land Scheme Discovery Chills Harbin
Local officials have been targeted by an investigation into a scheme that let government agencies, banks and developers benefit from phony land-use certificates and the abuse of government credit.
Revaluation of the Dollar
Today, the misalignment of the dollar – and the euro – against the renminbi and other Asian currencies is more Asia's problem.
The Oil Puzzle
The oil bubble, like the subprime bubble, is a part of the global liquidity bubble.
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