China's Response to Global Turmoil
China should turn to fiscal stimuli, ease its monetary policy, and develop a long-term plan for the capital market in order to handle the financial crisis.
The Crisis of Global Capitalism?
The recent financial crisis poses a sever challenge to global capitalism, but robust growth should return once the current difficulties have been managed.
Saving America
The U.S. financial system could go under without swift action from the global community.
Global Hard Landing
While the financial crisis is far from over, the economic crisis is just around the corner, and the U.S. may be headed for a hard landing.
Pitfalls and Precepts in a Post-Bubble World
The world’s worsening financial crisis was fed by U.S. consumer excess and Developing Asia’s export model. Have we learned?
Back to Earth
With the Olympics over, it's time for China to face some unprecedented challenges including lower foreign demand, rising costs at home, and liquidity.
Too Early for Bottom Fishing
The global economy is likely to continue going south for another year, and once it bottoms out, the rebound will be slow in coming.
Is America in Decline?
The seasonal, gloom-and-doom industry that portends America's decline has begun to wind its once again. But how true are its claims?
The Crisis Returns
The credit crisis may soon crunch harder than ever as the U.S. mortgage industry collapses.
Blessed by a Bubble?
As history suggests, today's housing bubble may be better than originally conceived.
Still Selling Bonds
As Central Bankers create a facade of an inflation crackdown, China should follow the lead of private investors in fleeing bond positions.
Energy Prices, Offshore Drilling, and an Excess Profits Tax
McCain and Obama have put new energy policies on the table, but how do they measure up? A look at offshore drilling and excess profits taxes.
The Emerging Inflation Shock
An up-close look where today's emerging inflation is originating and why it's rearing its ugly head.
Deja vu?
Vietnam's economy is suffering, but the impact should be limited. What's needed now is responsible fiscal policy to mollify the consequences of a burst bubble.
The Oil Bubble Lives On
The cost of oil may peak when developing countries cut subsidies, and bursting the bubble could depend on Fed moves.
The Rise in the Price of Oil
Oil prices are rocketing up, but price predictions of US$200 per barrel are unfounded.
Inflation Returns. Sell Bonds
A long worldwide period of stagflation is setting in and how to investment around it.
Key Risks of China
The forces in the way of continued economic growth are diminishing.
The Crisis Will Return
Current attitudes to the market are optimistic, but should they be for the long run?
The Declining Importance of the United States
The US economy is slowing, but exporters may find the EU absorbing the slack.
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