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While oil prices were no doubt a factor in Russia's sudden plunge, the current situation cannot be explained with looking at the country's banking system.

Paralyzed Finance


Fiscal policy alone cannot repair the damaged trust in the financial system. Monetary policy has come to its limits as well.

Goodbye 2008


In economics, everything that could go wrong went wrong in 2008. 2009’s leaders will have a tough job.

China's trade surplus is still huge, while the American economy is in a bad shape. Andy Xie counts reasons against a Yuan devaluation.

Last month we issued our recommendations for 'surviving in 2008'; now we continue the theme with our "five tips for profiting in 2009".

Monetary policy, not interest rate cuts, is the key to the efficient, equitable deployment of the stimulus package.

Plan G


The U.S. Federal Reserve has run the gamut of bailout plans – yet none have managed to curb the recession. If the latest Keynesian twist doesn’t do the trick, the options left are few.

The Natural Bottom


The G-20 summit had its successes, but it failed to generate a coordinated strategy for handling the global economic crisis.

Barack Obama is facing the biggest challenges since Franklin Roosevelt became President in 1932. In a way, Obama’s job may be tougher.

With global markets in turmoil and investors running very scared, we give a list of our biggest investment recommendations for the rest of 2008.

The global financial crisis that began in the U.S. housing market is not a failure of market liberalism but of market socialism.

Weakening end demand is the root problem. It calls for more aggressive fiscal policy to rouse the domestic market.

Bretton Woods II?


Transnational regulations and the restoration of former safeguards are direly needed. But we must not stifle all risk taking.

That low CPI and maximum employment take precedence over controlling irrational exuberance has been a fundamental tenet of Greenspan's policies – one that now looks to have been profoundly mistaken.

Nuclear Winter


With exports tanking and the potential for inflation high, it's looking like a bitter winter ahead.

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