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Although impact investors can lay the groundwork for commercial investors, they must also work in unison with government authorities to ensure well-functioning market systems.

China’s looming slowdown is likely to be both manageable and welcome. Fears of a hard landing are overblown.

The days of borrowing to build a large state security apparatus would be gone for good – worldwide. For the sake of Egyptians and people living under tyranny everywhere, Egypt's government must take a brave stand.

We need more government nowadays, not less. Yet the role of government also needs to be modernized, in line with the specific challenges posed by an interconnected world economy.

Indeed, to do so would be in China’s own interest as a key stake-holder in Europe’s economic stability. The EU is China’s largest trading partner, accounting for $383 billion in merchandise exports in 2010.

With lower spending and higher savings in the advanced economies, key emerging markets must take up the slack and start providing the demand needed to power the global recovery.

Loss of confidence, by discouraging consumption and investment, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing the economic weakness that is feared.

With imports still growing strongly and commodity prices beginning to fall as a result of the world slowdown, Argentina’s large trade surplus is disappearing quickly.

There are three basic approaches to resolving the banking crisis (which means resolving the fiscal adjustment, sovereign debt, and euro issues simultaneously).

Germany’s opposition to debt forgiveness is thus bad economics, bad politics (except at home), and bad history. The Germans should remember the reparations fiasco of the 1920’s.

The Diabetes Watch


These health effects are serious. Despite this, surveillance of diabetes remains relatively undeveloped throughout the world, even in high-income countries.

Viewed from a wider perspective, economic and social turbulence on Europe's southern periphery will constitute a geopolitical risk.

Fixed investment in China is close to 50% of GDP – which must be a world record. Credit to state firms and to households continues to grow rapidly. Isn’t this a version of exactly what derailed Japanese growth?

The guarantees will probably have to be institutional, constitutional, and political – probably formal control over European fiscal policy by a body at least as credible as the ECB

Despite their strong fundamentals, emerging countries still feel vulnerable in the face of the West’s economic weakness, policy shortfalls, and political paralysis.

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