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China’s neighbors will not be reliably good to Chinese interests unless and until China begins to provide essential public goods – not just commerce, but also full-fledged regional governance based on the rule of l

The best evidence suggests that Americans watch more than five hours per day of television on average – a staggering amount, given that several hours more are spent in front of other video-streaming devices.

Dying to Grow?


Studies that show an association between a factor and a health effect should be regarded as no more than a preliminary result that points researchers toward further research and analysis.

The G-20 should provide the FSB with adequate institutional capacity to address its tasks, but without creating a bureaucracy.

There is no sign of a crisis narrowly averted. Ten-year yields on British government bonds were at historic lows long before Cameron took office.

The Eurozone has entered dangerous territory. Deposit facilities count as central bank money and have inflationary potential, given that the German banks could withdraw those funds at any time.

In the process, the risk of recession remains uncomfortably high, the unemployment crisis deepens, and inequities rise as already-stretched social safety nets prove even more porous.

Both governments and corporations should internalize the message and learn from the Libyan example. The alternative may be too expensive for shareholders and citizens alike.

Indeed, the menace that now confronts us is not public debt or inflation, but a downward economic spiral that will be increasingly difficult to reverse.

If the Occupy Wall Street movement tells us anything, it is that the last thing the US economy needs is more households overwhelmed by debt.

The challenge is to revive lending growth in full awareness that we must begin devising ways to rein in the credit.

There is no one who can offer a timely and, above all, authoritative view on which forecast is the more compelling scenario. The stakes of not knowing are very high.

If the international financial wizards can get together and act on this idea now, commodity exporters might be able to avoid calamity the next time the world price of their product takes a plunge.

The authorities, particularly in Europe, have lost control of the situation. They need to regain control, and they need to do so now.

The eurozone should suppress any wounded pride, acknowledge that it needs help, and provide quickly what it has already promised.

A new agreement for the eurozone, negotiated in a calmer atmosphere, should not only codify the practices established during the emergency, but also lay the groundwork for an economic-growth strategy.

This extreme case of an “aberrantly needy protein” illustrates the high level of genetic risk to which we are exposed as a result of our small population.

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