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A global paradigm shift implies a significant change in opportunities, and not just risks.

Enduring hostility between India and Pakistan, the region’s largest economies, remains the key barrier to such a breakthrough.

In short, the US has moved to bring together all of the economies in the region that are worried about China’s beggar-thy-neighbor trade and exchange-rate policies.

Any sustainable solution to the crisis must ensure the integrity of the bank groups and respect the interests of these banks’ home and host countries. Ultimately, it is cross-border banking that is in the balance.

The Philippines reopened for business under new management only a little more than a year ago. It is faring very well – and is set to become increasingly profitable.

The United States, like other developed countries, does not suffer from any of these conditions (yet), so it is not clear why it needs a flat tax.

Academic studies suggest that the top tenth percentile of income distribution in the US, and elsewhere, is also moving farther away from the median earner.

Protecting migratory species benefits not only the animals concerned, but humans as well.

Unemployment resulting from automation in the Chinese manufacturing sector could ultimately complicate China’s efforts to rebalance its economy toward increased domestic consumption.

Time, research, and money must be devoted to finding clean, renewable, and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. But it takes consistent and committed leadership to make that happen.

Over the years, we have learned that the real challenge is not just to enroll children in school, but to help them to acquire the skills necessary for employment, entrepreneurship, family life, and citizenship.

While the United States runs a large trade deficit with China, it also runs deficits with 87 other countries. A multilateral deficit cannot be fixed by putting pressure on one of its bilateral components.

Mengele in America


A report in 2010 revealed that foreign citizens made up more than three-quarters of all the subjects in clinical trials conducted by US firms and researchers.

The IMF, the G-20, the Financial Stability Board, and other bodies should try to reduce the stigma attached to capital-account regulations and protect countries’ ability to deploy them.

We hope that the G-20 leaders will think systemically at Cannes, and act nationally and cooperatively to defuse the global credit glut minefield.

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