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With a commitment to truth – scientific, ethical, and personal – a society can overcome the many crises of poverty, disease, hunger, and instability that confront us.

A new economic order is taking shape before our eyes, and it is one that includes accelerated convergence between the old Western powers and the emerging world’s major new players.

We should learn from both the WaMu and the Occupy movement. In both cases, the lesson is the same: concentrated financial power is a gift that keeps on giving – but not to you.

Emerging-market countries will not only claim the lion’s share of global growth in the coming decade; they will also increasingly be the source of disruptive and frugal innovation.

This means that the eurozone is beyond saving; the euro will survive, but the zone will shrink. The only question is the scale, timing, and manner of its breakup.

Free to Be Fat


Even in the fat-friendlier past, the overweight faced the harsh verdict of medical critics.Nowadays, Western societies tend to blame the victim, especially when it comes to obese children.

The game – London versus the eurozone – has only just begun. It will make for fascinating viewing in the months and years to come.

The ECB has a strong rationale to act: to ensure the smooth transmission of monetary policy, to prevent a depression that would lead to deflation, and to avoid the breakup of the euro.

An immediate breakup of the eurozone would be a catastrophe, which is why the European Council agreed to a “fiscal stability union” in exchange for some movement by the ECB.

Oil exporters need not be prisoners of a curse that has befallen others. Countries can choose to use their resource bonanzas for the long-term economic advancement of their people, not just that of their leaders.

It is important that these plans be seen as domestically devised (though voters will have no illusions about the external and market pressures that have forced their governments to act).

The proposal to use the IMF as a conduit for ECB resources while providing the ECB with preferred-creditor status, would exacerbate the Fund’s exposure to risky borrowers.

Although expenditures have increased, the number of new medicines resulting from human-genome sequencing has not. This means that a broad variety of diseases are not being treated effectively

The fabric of democracy is being torn apart by a staggering rise in economic inequality.

Peaceful resolution of these conflicts requires giving China a role in the decision-making process, which implies that the US and China alike relinquish any desire for regional primacy.

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