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Though the history of the trilateral dialogue between China, Japan, and South Korea is short, it marks a new and constructive effort toward regional cooperation.

The theoretical ideal occurs when financial contracts spread the risks all over the world, so that billions of willing investors each own a tiny share, and no one is over-exposed.

But the US and Britain find it difficult to move quickly, and strong voices in their capitals want Pakistan to be punished, not helped, for its wayward ways. In the meantime, China waits with open arms.

Life without Doha


If the Doha Round fails, trade liberalization would shift from the WTO to preferential trade agreements (PTAs), which are already spreading like an epidemic.

Personally, I would urge emerging-market countries to support Shanmugaratnam. But it is far more likely that they will remain divided.

We Europeans cannot afford to turn our backs on our Arab friends along the far shores of “mare nostrum.”

A World of Regions


Ironically, today’s decline in American global power may lead to more effective regional cooperation.

France has a problem with reproductive tourism. Even so, the draft bill continues to prohibit payment for eggs.

Only time will tell if the recent elections in the UK, the US, and Canada signal a retreat from the growth of the welfare state or just a temporary respite.

Both pieces of advice -tightening in emerging markets and continued monetary accommodation in the advanced economies-could breed protectionism if not accompanied by effective capital controls.

Hobble and Muddle


The world economy would heal, but in a slow and uneven fashion, as advanced economies muddled through while the more dynamic emerging world gradually closed today’s income and wealth gaps.

Conditional on reforms, Europe must open its market to both its southern and eastern neighbors.

Lumpy Labor


Generating full-time jobs that pay decent wages was becoming ever more difficult.

Latin America’s time has finally come, too many pundits will keep saying. If only they were right.

The Mediterranean is also undergoing another revival, equally important in terms of geo-economics.

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