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The link between trade openness and economic prosperity is strong and suggestive.

The biological imperatives that guide the priority system of transplant waiting lists are easily transformed into economic values.

This suggests that capital controls and prudential policies can complement each other, contrary to what conventional wisdom often assumes.

You know that a doctrine is in trouble when not even those claiming to defend it understand what it means.

The recovery continues, but it is not on solid ground. It is fragile, unbalanced, and limited.

Europe’s leaders will find that improving education and training – and throwing open hitherto protected markets – is a long and arduous task.

America’s debt ceiling has become the subject of intense political posturing and touch-and-go negotiations behind closed doors.

Turkey’s achievements form a case study in successful economic development. The question now is how Turkey will use its rapidly growing economic power.

Through these efforts, ASEAN is emerging as the fulcrum of geopolitical stability in Asia.

With French leadership, 2011 offers a golden opportunity for the most important capital markets to adopt clear, precise rules requiring full financial disclosure by extractive-industry companies to governmental authorities.

Risky Advice


Too often, expert opinion is thought most useful to policymakers when presented as a single “definitive” interpretation. As a result, experts typically understate uncertainty.

As China’s economy continues to grow and eventually matches US GDP, the demand that China assume greater responsibility for the global economy’s health will become stronger.

The world economy is on the verge of a transformative change – the transition to a multipolar world economic order.

It is all the more important that foreign help for the region be technical and aimed at removing barriers to jobs and rewarding careers.

While internationalization of the RMB is necessary (and inevitable), it should be guided by market principles and pursued in a cautious manner.

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