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As long as nuclear weapons exist, it is irresponsible not to confront the implications of their use – implications for which there is no antidote or insurance policy.

Responsible sourcing is a duty, not a choice. And here, the EU is lagging behind.

The right policies are the opposite of those that have been pursued by the world’s major economies. No wonder global growth keeps on disappointing. In a sense, we are all Japanese now.

those who suffer from sanctions suffer not just from economic hardship; the isolation that sanctions impose favors the country’s least enlightened elements. The Revolutionary Guard is not worried about whether it is in the international community’s grace

“political placebos”: attempts by governments to demonstrate to their citizens that they are doing something – anything! – to alleviate water shortages.

The world has simultaneously benefited from globalization and failed to manage the inherent complications resulting from the increased integration of our societies, our economies, and the infrastructure of modern life

Part of the pleasure we receive from them derives from a feeling that our status is rising relative to that of our peers. It has opened new vistas into our neighbors’ lifestyles – and what we have noticed is that some of them are getting much, much richer

The German government, no surprise, does not even acknowledge that there is a problem. With unemployment remaining near record lows, the lack of demand growth is simply dismissed, and the absence of inflation is taken as a sign of success

Ebola and Beyond


It is time for developed countries to recognize that the best way to protect their citizens from Ebola is to help stop the spread of the virus in West Africa

such measures will be effective only if the regional and global geopolitical environment supports the search for a resolution. Most important, local leaders must be genuinely committed to the process, rather than seeking to curry favor with donors

Meanwhile, the emerging NCD epidemic is worsening. Indeed, the World Economic Forum is predicting $21.3 trillion in losses from these diseases in developing countries by 2030

But, if implemented correctly, sound regulation can strengthen countries’ growth capacity, while protecting citizens and improving their long-term living standards.

On the contrary, it means taking care not to exclude any significant advocate or useful tool in reducing the risk of the unthinkable becoming reality.

either explain why the SGP rules must be followed even now, in the face of deflation, or agree with those who argue that the current environment calls for a fiscal stimulus

external support helped the region’s heavily indebted countries face the twin tasks of implementing structural reforms and coping with financial instability

But if the global economy fails to take off, we will have to reconcile ourselves to a long period of mediocre growth in which cheap capital depresses yields, drives up asset prices, inflates bubbles, and seeks out trophy assets

The Screening Myth


effective diagnosis and treatment are not available, screening cannot have any impact. But there is more to the issue – namely, whether screening ultimately fulfills its intended purpose of reducing breast-cancer mortality rates

Of course, designing an inclusive post-2015 development agenda is only the first step. Its successful implementation will require bold policies and strengthened global cooperation that address both the impact of inclusion and its underlying causes.

Yet when it comes to climate change, cynicism is a luxury that we cannot afford. Decisive action by the G-20 would help to galvanize international cooperation ahead of the key negotiations leading to next year’s United Nations climate summit in Paris.

Belindia Has Spoken


On the micro side, too little public investment means poor infrastructure and high export costs. Brazil has none of neighboring Argentina’s hefty export taxes, but its heavy transport costs have the same effect

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