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Unsettling America

Robert Skidelsky

Where America has room for maneuver, it always presses forward in this direction. And, despite the rise of China and the move to a more “plural” international system, the US still has the power to change “facts on the ground” in large parts of the world, particularly the Middle East.

Jerome C. Wakefield

Proposals to protect society from the dangerously mentally ill pose basic civil-liberties issues.

David Patrick Houghton

One of the most common popular misunderstandings about the causes of terrorism is the notion that terrorists must be “insane” to behave as they do. That idea is as wrong as it is comforting.

Jeffrey Sachs

To do so would require calling for higher taxes, and that – as George H. W. Bush learned in 1992 – is no way to get re-elected.

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