Winter Chaos Tests China
The winter storms that pummeled China, stranded Spring Festival travelers and blocked coal shipments have raised questions about the nation's emergency response system.
Strained Water Supplies under New Management
The government’s new rules are aimed at controlling water consumption by setting quotas and boundaries for water rights, with the goal of creating a resource-trading market mechanism.
Sustainable Fund Manager Eyes Chinese Investors
Now that Beijing is officially advocating sustainable development, a fund that specializes in sustainable projects is looking for Chinese investment partners.
Chinese Power Grids Open to Foreign Investment
Squeezed by low earnings and rising demand for electricity, China’s state-owned grid networks are looking abroad for new sources of financing.
Oil Spikes and Rowing Against the Current
As global oil prices soar, the government has kicked in price controls that underscore the need for long-delayed market reforms, and the danger of drifting backward.
Gains and Loss in Beijing’s Air Quality Control
An exclusive interview with Beijing Vice Mayor Zhao Fengtong: Economic Outlook - 2008 Beijing Olympics “We are confident we will be able to guarantee very good air quality during the 2008 Olympics”
Waking Up to China's Water Crisis
As China's leaders focus on protecting China's water resources, the nation is coming to grips with the vastness of its scarcity and pollution problems – and debates over what to do.
Flash Flood Fury and Rising Death Tolls
River floods get more attention, but flash floods triggered by rainstorms in China’s hills and mountains are far more deadly, killing more than 300 so far this year.
Energy, Emission Controls Fizzle for Chinese Industries
The central government has conducted a major inspection of local efforts to meet energy efficiency and emissions targets. The results were disappointing. Will plans to further tighten controls be effective?
Contamination of Shuyang’s Water Supply Raises Questions of Liability
The water supply in Shuyang, one of the most highly populated towns in Jiangsu Province, was recently cut off for 45 hours. Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province shrugged off liability for the water pollution problem. Reform on management is critical.
Prosperity Brings Pollution to Taihu Lake
A water crisis forced officials to confront water pollution in a rapidly growing industrial region that generates 10 percent of China’s GDP.
The Pain of the Songhua River
The Songhua River looked a dark yellow from Sujia Dam on the morning of November 24
CNPC Eyes Oil Empire in Kazakhstan
While CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp.) has failed in the acquisition of Unical because of political pressure
Who's to Blame for South China's Oil Shortage?
On August 18 at 8:30, after having waited in line for half an hour, Wang Yu, an employee of a communications equipment manufacturing firm...
Grassland Alarm
We had come to a town named Baiyintala in Naiman
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