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China is preparing for a compensation claim against ConocoPhilips for damages to the environment resulting from offshore oil spills

The China North Sea subsidiary of U.S.-based ConocoPhillips is facing claims from fishermen and the nation’s marine protection authorities while admitting last Saturday that oil spills continued in Bohai Bay

Chiness authority has planned to file a claim over ecological damage in the oil leak off the eastern coast against ConocoPhilips China Inc.

China’s neighboring South Korea has expressed concerns over a huge spill after a breakdown at a rig off last month off the northeast coast

An oil slick covering 1 square kilometers off the northern China coast was found early today, after a breakdown in CNOOC’s oil field operational platform triggered leakage

Situations of the oil spills off China’s northeast coast may be worse than expected, experts say, as a major state energy company failed to disclose full and immediate information about spills.

Full article in Chinese: http://www.caijing.com.cn/2011-06-07/110739236.html

A Chinese state media rebutted in a comment a recent wave of public criticism over The Three Gorges Dam for triggering the worst draught to hit many Chinese cities in nearly a half century.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday said that his government will be the first to lift bans over food imported from Yamagata and Yamanashi, which were imposed after the March 11 quake and tsunami

Consumptions of refined oil products in China will continue rising in 2011, turning its back against amounting inflationary pressures in the second-largest economy.

Three countries are expected to suffer 90 percent of annual losses due to the probable storms, with damages in the United States worth 30 billion U.S. dollars, in Japan 10 billion and 9 billion in China.

China will relax control over domestic oil prices, gearing them towards the international market, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was quoted by Phoenix TV as saying.

Crude oil futures rose more than two U.S. dollars on Monday, as the day-old western attacks on Libya are fueling turmoil in the 12th largest oil producer, bringing oil exports in this country close to paralysis.

Japanese PM Naoto Kan on Tuesday morning warned of further radiation leakage at Fukushima nuclear power plant when delivering a speech to his nation, after a fire broke out at Reactor 4.

The Chinese government will perhaps cut researches on earthquake prediction, said Chen Yuntai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

China’s central part may suffer from energy shortages this year, while overall energy supply and demand would be in balance.

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