Indian Plate Tectonics Bring Frequent Earthquakes to China
Sichuan hobbles with one leg on the Indian Plate and one on the Eurasian Plate.
Sichuan Power Industry Jolted by Quake
The province's crucial hydroelectric power sector is roiling from damage inflicted by the earthquake.
Earthquake Upsets Sichuan's Nuclear Dream
Provincial leaders were counting on nuclear power to supplement an energy network seen as too reliant on hydropower. The quake changed all that.
Shifang's Chemical Fertilizer Plants Leak
Chemical spills have poisoned much of the already disturbed land, while leaks continue...
Quake Idles Power Plants in Two Provinces
Officials say China's national grid is safe, but the shutdown of power plants and substations in Sichuan and Shaanxi severely reduced electric capacity.
Southwest China Quakes
Southwest China shook atop a quake reaching 7.8 on the Richter scale, and Beijing feels the wave.
Water Crisis on the North China Plain
As wells are deepening in Northern China, the water crisis is entrenching for the long run.
China Holds Its Breath for Clean-Coal Power
High-tech systems for coal-fired power plants are generating interest in China now that cutting emissions and improving efficiency are key concerns.
Coal Stocks Shrink for Chinese Power Plants
In some provinces, power plants have only a week's worth of coal. Reserves are falling in reaction to rising coal costs and government price controls.
Tough Times for Chinese Power, Oil Firms
Squeezed by a combination of government price controls and higher input costs, the once-profitable companies that fuel China are reporting big losses.
Nobel Winner Urges Green Policy Incentives
'Mechanism design' theorist Eric Maskin says policymakers can bridge gaps between company and public interests in areas such as greenhouse gases.
Major Audit Targets China
The 2002 breakup of an electricity monopoly was the beginning of a reformation that now demands a closer look.
Stalemate over Rushan Nuclear Power Plant
A beach resort or a nuclear power plant? The latest tug of war pitting vacation home developers against the nuclear power industry has shone a spotlight on Rushan, a fishing village in Shandong province.
China Warms to Energy-Saving Challenge
An effort to cut energy use in Chinese buildings faces high investment costs and other hurdles. But at least the flats on West Huixin Street are warmer.
Stormy February Cools Electricity Growth
Companies that consume large amounts of electricity have been affected by stricter state controls, contributing to falling growth rates for power use.
Fuel Lines Rattle China’s Oil Price Controls
Cars queued at filling stations, refineries suspended production and an oil giant requested subsidies as China grappled with rising crude prices.
A Gust of Support for Wind Power in China
Government planners have doubled the national target for wind power as part of a push to replace some coal with renewable energy resources by 2010.
Energy Office Upgraded, But Power Limited
A plan to form a new energy commission would integrate supervision of China’s energy sector but prevent the agency from reaching ministerial rank.
Coal Chief Calls for Higher Storage
In the light of the coal shortage after the recent snow storm in southern China, Jing Tianliang seeks to increase the storage ratio by more than 10 percent.
Han River Pollution Affects Over 200,000
Faucets ran dry for towns and farms in an area of Hubei Province during China’s latest water pollution scare, the cause of which has not been determined.
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