China Hikes Power Price Another 5 Percent
Consumers won’t be affected, but the government says power distributors must pay more to profit-squeezed suppliers.
Sino Scientists Aim to Conquer South Pole
A new laboratory being built at the bottom of the world is designed to boost polar research and China’s scientific status.
Air Quality: Overhauling a City
A multibillion-dollar effort to cut air pollution for the Olympics is also designed to benefit Beijing for years to come.
Pricing Conflict Pits Coal, Power Suppliers
Coal prices are up, quality is down, and supplies are dwindling as the government continues to control electric power prices.
Beijing Pledges More Action to Clear Air
The environment ministry is ready to idle more factories and cars to control Beijing’s air quality during the Olympics.
Limited Powers for New Energy Regulator
The new National Energy Administration has opened for business, but without much say over pricing and investment decisions.
China Reinforces Thermal Coal Price Caps
Regulators have further tightened prices for coal burned by power plants, saying pricing rules set in June are being ignored.
Guangdong Proposes Strategic Oil Reserves
Guangdong, China’s largest provincial oil consumer, is lobbying for permission to build storage facilities in three areas.
Lights May Flicker as Coal Crunch Mounts
Rising coal prices are aggravating a power shortage in China that’s more serious than expected – and likely to worsen soon.
Reform Offers Farmers Rights to Forestland
Under a new initiative, farmers would control China’s forestland and profit from timber businesses within five years.
Irrigation Reform: Make Every Drop Count
Determined to conserve precious water, China plans to plug its leaky crop irrigation system and end wasteful farming.
Grids Ordered to Pay More to Power Plants
Power generators squeezed by climbing coal costs are expected to benefit from the latest government price adjustments.
One More Rung on China’s Energy Ladder
China raised controlled prices for refined oil and electricity in June, sparking talk about Beijing’s next step toward market pricing.
Overseas Help for China’s Climate Issues
Provinces having trouble meeting Beijing’s climate-change goals can plan on assistance from Europeans and the United Nations.
China Plans to Accelerate Nuclear Power
China is mulling a revision of its nuclear power development strategy, considering new plants for the country’s interior.
China Hikes Prices for Refined Oil, Power
The government’s economic planner relaxed price controls for oil products and electricity while capping prices for coal.
Sinopec's Refinery in Qingdao Starts Operation 
The new refinery with 10 million tons annual processing capacity is expected to help China meet robust demand.
U.S. Environmental Proposal Discussed In China
U.S. representatives met with China's top leaders to advance the discussion on climate change and tariff reduction on green technologies.
Coal Shortage Strains Chinese Power Plants
Power companies are losing money, burning reserves and idling turbines as steadily rising coal prices nationwide pressure the price-controlled industry.
Shandong to Cap Coal Price
The Shandong government has taken measures to cap the rising price of power coal, which may be followed by more provinces.
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