Australia Turns a Corner on Carbon Cutting
Australia's new, concrete targets for reducing emissions underscores its commitment – and global leadership.
Conference: For China, Cheaper Oil Is Good News and Bad
A Goldman Sachs specialist says the sharp decline in crude oil prices may challenge China's environmental initiatives but keep inflation in check.
Conference: Official Cites Hydropower’s Messy Splash
A top political adviser says more government oversight is needed in the wake of a decade of disorderly hydropower development in China.
China, US Join Hands in Clean Coal Project
China and the United States signed a major agreement to deepen cooperation in clean coal, ahead of the fifth round of China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue.
BP Invests in Clean Energy in China
BP has partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to push forward the commercialization of clean energy technologies in China.
Power Industry Calls for More Investment
The State Grid Company called on the central government to further increase investment in energy.
Encouragement for Smaller Wind Ventures
Wind power is taking off in China, and as officials look to the road ahead, many see the rise of small- and medium-sized wind projects.
BP Quits Wind Power Project in China
BP has backed out of a wind energy joint venture in Inner Mongolia, citing the need to reassess its strategy in light of the financial turmoil.
New Investment Fund for Coal and Power
Plans are being laid for a new investment fund that would encourage the unification of China’s coal and energy industries.
Coal-Fired Power Plants Post Huge Losses
With coal's price high and supplies limited, energy producers that rely on it continue to hemorrhage losses.
Climate Change Can Drive the U.S. and China Apart – Or Bring Them Together
Climate change threats are equally important to China and the United States. They should work together for solutions.
Report Describes High Price for Cheap Coal
China burns a lot of coal but, according to a Greenpeace report, fails to include health and environmental costs in the price tag.
CNPC Expands Oil Operation in Uzbekistan
China National Petroleum has signed a deal with Uzbekistan's state oil company to develop an the Mingbulak oilfield.
Experts Call for Power Company Subsidies
China Electricity Council has recommended giving financial assistance to China’s power companies, who have been battered in 2008 by disaster and rising costs.
Nuclear Power Station to be Built in Wuhu
Four 1-million-kilowatt reactors slated for construction in Anhui Province, part of a new effort to bring nuclear power to inland regions.
U.S. Technology Picked for Nuclear Plants
China’s decision to use the Westinghouse AP1000 standard is expected to speed inland growth of nuclear power.
Acid Reportedly Dumped by Yangtze River
Xishui County turned off the taps after unidentified polluters emptied several barrels of toxic liquid on a river bank.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Overture
During the Olympics, use of fuel cell cars began. But for mass implementation, there is still a long way to go.
Head of Guizhou Power Producer Detained
The chairman of Guizhou’s largest power producer was detained due to the loss of state assets.
Dusty Struggle in a Cement Kiln’s Shadow
By deciding to pollute first and clean up later, cement factory owners stirred wrath in a clean corner of Yunnan Province.
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